Vision & Mission

Seven years ago a friend sent an email about Laminin that was generated by Louis Giglio’s YouTube video.   After my discovery of Laminin and upon further research about Laminin, it became a mission and a divinely inspired project to create an original line of jewelry to celebrate Laminin and all the amazing properties that attributed to it.

It was not until May 2009, when my beloved horse Rock ‘O, received the West Nile Vaccine and unfortunately had a severe allergic reaction, which led to him being put to sleep a few days later. At a time of loss, I heard God say, “Now you have time to make the crosses and He was cross!” Although a passion was taken away, with the loss of my horse, a new purpose was found with the manufacturing of Intelligent Design Laminin Jewelry. With the assistance of “Angel” loans this dream and purpose has materialized.

The purpose was to be instrumental in development of Intelligent Design Laminin Jewelry, so that is masterfully crafted and manufactured with the finest metals and materials available to celebrate its Intelligent Design. The intricate design of Laminin is what holds our cells and muscles intact in our bodies. To be instrumental in sharing with others about this incredible protein and all the revolutionary medical breakthroughs about the role and power of Laminin has been very gratifying!

Those who are affected with neuromuscular diseases may have a possible cure in the near future due to the exciting new medical research involving Laminin. The goal is to bring renewed hope to those who are now suffering so that the promising new cures can become a reality sooner than later!

It was very important to be able to produce this project in the U.S.A. Local talent and resources to accomplish our dream and purpose has made this meaningful project a reality. This project’s purpose is to raise the level of awareness of Laminin and illustrate what it is and how it will be impacting medical discoveries and the quality of life.

We invite you to become a part of our project and join
“A CROSS 4 A CAUSE” and together we can all make a difference!

Click Here to see Louis Giglio's YouTube Video