Laminins are a family of glycoproteins that are an integral part of all human and animal tissue.

Laminin's amazing cell binding properties hold our cells and muscles together in our bodies.

Laminin #111 has been recently discovered to stop further decay of disintegrating muscles in mice.

Laminin #1 is currently being studied and mapped for its role to benefit ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease.

Laminin's link to cures for some neuromuscular diseases is a revolutionary, cutting edge discovery!

Laminin Protein
Exciting new discoveries of the amazing properties that Laminin's possess unfolds daily as scientists from all over the world research this incredible protein. The list is extensive of all the current studies involving Laminin research and a race for cures!

The latest medical findings show that the cell adhesion properties of Laminin may be a potential cure for some of the strains of Muscular Dystrophy such as DMD, CMD and FSHD!

This astounding new Medical research gives hope to those who are suffering with certain diseases that a cure may be closer and gives new hope to many!

If you would like to help and be involved with our efforts to bring awareness to Laminin research, please join "A Cross 4 A Cause."