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Thank you for discovering our new project to celebrate Laminin and it’s amazing role in our bodies.

Although Laminin is “Intelligently Designed” to work and move around in our bodies to keep our cells and muscle tissues intact, it is not the ideal design for jewelry from a manufacturing standpoint.

Therefore it was a long process to make prototypes that would be as structurally strong as possible to replicate Laminin. Once the original designs were produced molds were created so that the designs could be made and cast using the lost wax process.

Each cross is solid metal, individually cast using the finest metals available such as Sterling Silver, 14kt Yellow, White and Rose Gold, and our NEW Bronze collection:  White and Golden Bronze, and more.

For any reason, you are not happy or satisfied with your purchase, please notify our Customer Care Department and let us know why, so we can assist you with your return or exchange.

The jewelry comes with a 100% guarantee that it is made with the finest metals and materials available to us and if you are not happy, we are not either.   Please notify us within 45 days of your purchase and we will issue you an Authorization # and will promptly replace it, exchange it for another item or refund the purchase price.

The goal is to make every customer a satisfied one, so we can all work together to spread the exciting news about amazing Laminin and how it is impacting and changing medical research globally to find a cure sooner for neuromuscular diseases. It’s a very exciting new future for Laminin!

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